Oceania CACS 2016

Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in information systems audit, control and security

Oceania CACS 2016 is the premier event in our region for IS Governance, IS Security and IS Assurance professionals.

This year the conference will be held over 2 days on the beautiful Gold Coast. The conference will have 3 streams, with 36 speakers and 4 keynotes. The social side of things is also taken care of with a welcome reception on 11 Sep 2016 and a gala dinner on 12 Sep 2016.

Also, this year, for the first time in Oceania CACS history, a “Women in IT” breakfast will be held as part of the conference program. The breakfast will feature a panel of 3 speakers, facilitated by ISACA’s own Jo Stewart-Rattray.

As usual, a number of masterclasses will be available after the conference at discounted rates for conference delegates.

More information coming soon!


Protect – Govern – Empower

Sign up today and guarantee your spot while taking advantage of the largest savings available – AUD$455.00!

Informative and insightful sessions, workshops, and expert keynotes – plus earn up to 39 CPE credits!

oceania cacs 2016
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Bola88 Net provide secure betting transactions

There is no substitute for good and competent help of a Bola88Net company. But a Bola88 Net sportbook service provider is not free from the problems. This is where the intelligent person needs to take a look at the risks. We have seen the long chain of flaws in the earlier transactions and they had eventually ended up in losing money.

Intelligent help from companies is very hard to come by. Most of the organizations, while searching for reliable vendors, do not understand the significance of transaction security. Though, with adequate knowledge, one can find reliable vendors and services. For that, one must find out how Bola88Net vendor functions.

The most obvious thing about transactions is that they are, in essence, securities. You can find yourself in deep trouble with the help of no security. Once the security of your company has been compromised, you lose control over your player transaction. At this juncture, we can say that security cannot be compromised in any manner. So, if you look for a trustworthy vendor or service provider, you must ensure that he or she does not compromise the security of your online casino transactions.

The next step in the search for transaction security is to understand the nature of the gambling business. This involves researching on the Bola88 Net site to understand the kind of business it is dealing with especially soccer betting and casino. You can do that through contact information provided by the vendor. Your research in this regard will help you make sure that the vendor is honest.

Next step is to find out whether the vendor offers “referral”. If a vendor is committed to referral, then you are on your way to a secure transaction. The reason for this lies in the fact that the vendor will offer revenue sharing when he or she agrees to deal with your organization. This helps you save on labor cost and helps increase the margin of the company and acquire new gambler.

Another feature you should look for in a vendor is whether the vendor provides a very accurate service. It is the reality that security issues and other issues need to be clarified. This means that you will need to have a well-informed vendor. You must also check the reputation of the vendor.

Since there are some reputed and reputable vendor, they provide good quality services. That is the major plus point to these vendors. In fact, most of them offer transaction security while others help their clients resolve their problems through reference and hands-on experience. This is the only way they provide safe transactions.

One should never believe the media that there are so many scam vendor of online betting. In fact, there are very few. You must just remember that all good vendors have the right amount of experience and of course they also have a proven track record.

Online betting vendors will always maintain good relationship with their customers. They will be honest and even helpful at times. The fact is that most of them have established good relations and trust in their prospective clients.

However, there are risks involved with this form of transaction, but it is not like the kind of risks that can be traced to the personal information that can get hurt. The personal information that can get hurt include personal information like the address, mobile numbers, credit card details, etc. As far as this information is concerned, you can contact the concerned agencies and get this cleared.

When all is said and done, the problem is that Bola88 Net is a free online gambling site, but a bad thing can happen. You can create issues at anytime of the day. While this seems to be true, it is still an essential part of business transactions and it is important to ensure the security of your personal data before making a deal.

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How to Secure Your Computers at Work. Work Place Computer Security

In our age of digital information, it is very important to have a good plan for work place computer security. Threats to work place computer safety are mainly physical/external and technical/internal. These threats are harmful to single computers and networks, and compromised computer systems can prove costly to the firm and affect your privacy and legacy.

The physical computer security measures are meant to prevent physical hazards to the computer. Consider this the first line of defense. Computers can be stolen by strangers or thieves and imagine someone picking a laptop in a split second. In order to beef up work place security, secure your building. Include CCTV, security personnel that keep an eagle’s eye. Use pass codes, card scanners, finger print readers on doorway entrances to computer rooms. Always remember to close doors, lock windows, sign in visitors with I.D. and use common sense

Technical safety would include the use of safe, secure strong passwords as the first line of defense, and keep those passwords secure. Consult with the administrator to set appropriate computer and data restriction access depending on security clearance. Another plateau is associated with hackers, viruses and worms, so be sure to install up-to-date anti-virus programs like Mcfee or Symantec. There are many options out there. Keep your virus protection updated always.

Enforce a strict policy regarding downloads and p2p content and material. If you can avoid all downloads and make such a writable violation go for it. Consult with IT before making any downloads because some downloads will affect your firm and cost you money trying to clear up the mess. Lastly watch your email, do not download screensavers, or any odd-ons that come via email. It is wise to protect your computer at the work place because your job might be on the line.

More at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4092059/windows-keep-your-computer-secure-at-work

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The World’s First Cyber War

Last month the Estonian government chose to remove a statue of a World War II soldier. The government expected a harsh backlash by Estonian citizens of Russian decent. Estonian citizens use the internet for everything including paying taxes, paying for parking, and even shopping. Some of these things are also done using their cell phones. If anything happened to the network infrastructure in Estonia then it would be devastating to the small Baltic country.
Such a thing did happen this week. In what many computer security experts are considering the first ever cyber war in history, the Estonian networks were attacked with a denial of service attack. The Estonian government claims that the attack was delivered by the Russian government. If the Estonian government is right, then that attack would be the first time a country attacked another country over the internet. The attack lasted over the course of a month.

The Estonian government insists that the internet address involved in the attacks belonged to an official working with the administration of Russian president Vladimir Putin. The Russian government denies any involvement in the attack.

The attacks nearly shut down the Estonian network infrastructure and clogged the websites of the president, prime minister, Parliament, and other government agencies along with other important websites. Estonia’s biggest bank was nearly taken down by the attack as well as several daily newspapers.

Computer security experts from NATO, the European Union, Israel, and the United States have offered help to Estonia and to learn about the new face of war that took place on the Estonian government.

The first attack started at 10 p.m. on April 26. The Estonian government was expecting a backlash from when they removed the statue so they had set up additional firewalls and protections around key government websites as well as setting up extra servers as a precaution. In one of the first attacks, a flood of spam emails were thrown at the e-mail server for the Parliament which shut it down. In yet another attack, hackers infiltrated the website of the Reform party and posted a fake letter of apology from the prime minister. The attacks are still ongoing on the Estonian networks. Computer security experts believe that the majority of the attacks are over. Most of the current attacks are on Estonian banks. Estonian security experts are currently working to repair the damage done in the world’s first cyber war.

reference : https://www.wired.com/2007/08/ff-estonia/

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Ethics of Computer Security and Privacy

A lot of people use computers to do their assignments for either school or work. Lots of times they are storing useful and important information. So it is very important that their information on the computer is kept safe and confidential. It is also highly necessary to keep the information from getting lost, stolen, or misused. In businesses, they have to make sure their information is secure from hackers, and being accessed by those who are unauthorized. Stolen information can be very crucial to a company. People who have computers at home also have to make sure confidential information such as bank accounts and credit card numbers are kept secure when doing internet transactions. An action that could cause lost of information, software, data, or the cause of damage to computer hardware is known as a computer security risk.
A computer crime is when someone purposely breeches a computer’s security. This is a little bit different from cybercrimes, which are known as illegal acts that are done over the internet, and is one of the top priorities for the FBI. People who commit these crimes are known as hackers, crackers, cyber terrorists, unethical employees, script kiddies, cyber extortionists, and corporate spies. Hackers used to have a good reputation, but they have now been labeled negatively. Unethical employees are people who steal information from the company that they work for by illegally accessing the databases.

Like a cracker, script kiddies are people who wish to do harm, but lack the technical knowledge to. Most of them are young and are just learning the basics of hacking programs. Corporate spies are hired because of their high knowledge of computers and networks to steal or delete data and information. Shady companies hire them to practice company espionage, gaining the advantage of their company’s competitor. Because of people like these, it is important that computers at businesses and at home are kept tightly secured.

There is no protection that guarantees 100% protection against attack. When you are transferring information over the internet, know that this is a high risk of it getting stolen by hackers. There may be administrators that help encrypt your information from being seen, but once again, there are no 100% guarantees of protection for your information. You could start by using internet services that scans your computer emails for viruses. There are other risks such as worms, spoofing, Trojan horses, and denial of service attacks. Computer viruses are capable of harming your computer, affecting the way it operates and sometimes causes it to crash.

Computer worms are programs that copies itself multiple times and is very similar to a virus. The Trojan horse is named after the Greek myth for a reason, it disguises itself as a legitimate program and hides. It usually isn’t trigger until it is accessed, but they don’t recreate itself like the worm or viruses do. Ways to know if your computer is infected by one of the above are, weird messages popping onto your screen, your available memory is a lot lower than it should, music or sounds play out of nowhere, files become corrupted, programs and files aren’t working correctly, unknown files pop up, or systems properties fluctuate. Be sure to scan all files if you are a common downloader, and try to keep your computers safe!

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3 Must Read Computer Security and Privacy Books for 2020

Computer security and privacy are and will always remain hot issues, especially when technology is progressing at the cyclic rate and there are those that try to invade and diminish security protocols. There are those that without provocation, maliciously try to steal and destroy our identities and other items of value. Cybercriminals, Hackers, Identity Thieves, are just a few of the people that are out there always looking for ways to do us harm. Millions of people fall victim to these cybercriminals everyday because they failed to take online precautions. The following three books, Computer Security Guide for Paranoids, by Edward Labarge; Computer Privacy Annoyances, by Dan Tynan; and The Computer Privacy Handbook, by Andre Bacard, all talk about ways in which ordinary people with little technical expertise can protect their identities, computers, and other online assets easily and with little cost.

  1. Computer Security Guide for Paranoids, by Edward Labarge is an easy-to-read handbook that outlines the most common online risks to ones privacy and provides simple, inexpensive measures to avoid them. The book covers ways to thwart hackers, identity thieves, and other cybercriminals. Some of the specific topics include Social Networking Sites, Encryption, Wireless Networking, and more. This book is great for all computer users novices to experts and a must for anyone who util
  2. Computer Privacy Annoyances, by Dan Tynan, talks about how people are thrown into the data stream the moment they are born as a result of obtaining a birth certificate and social security number. As the individual grows, so does the amount of information they have in the data stream as well as threats against their privacy. This book is based on interviews with privacy experts giving a first account of the threats against ones privacy. Great for all computer users from novice to experts.
  3. The Computer Privacy Handbook, by Andre Bacard, provides ways and examples on how to protect your privacy utilizing e-mail encryption, and data protection software. Great for individuals and business owners. Don’t jeopardize your personal or business assets; take precautions now to prevent cyber attacks.

This information is based on my own readings and experience.

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Computers and the Law

Public Law, an Introduction
Criminal – deals with crime and legal punishment of criminals.

Administrative – deals with regulation and public institutions, administered by the executive branch of the government.

Constitutional – deals with relationship between state and individual as well as the relationships between the branches of the government.

Financial Services Laws

Financial Services Modernization Act (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)

This act has a great effect on the privacy and disclosure of information. It requires financial institutions to disclose their policies on nonpublic personal information. They are also required to give customers notice so they may request their information not be shared. This act also ensures privacy policies are available to customers from the start as well as throughout the business relationship.

Intellectual Property

Unlike other property, intellectual property assumes the subject of the product is of the mind or intellect. This has varying implications on legal rights and entitlements to the holder of the IP.

Unfortunately, there are very few international laws that apply to information security and privacy. This is part of global business. Each nation must be sensitive to the policies and laws that pertain to the different nations. This is because these nations have varying philosophies on information security as well as being in different stages in information security evolution.

The Economic Espionage Act (EEA) in 1996 was passed to help protect trade secrets limiting the sharing of such information.

United States copyright laws also extend their grasp into intellectual property allowing these materials and ideas to be protected.

The European Council Cyber-Crime Convention and the United Nations Charter both help with protection and information security in Europe. While the Cyber-Crime Convention has no real enforcement power, it does help with the standardization of technology laws and improving the effectiveness of international investigations.

Due Care

Due care means that an organization has made each and every employee aware of what behaviors are acceptable and which are not. This is an important concept when discussing liability. If an organization decides not to actively participate in due care, it may be held liable for improper actions of an employee. This is even true in cases where the organization is completely unaware of these actions. The goal is to hold each business to some sort of ethical standards.

Due Diligence vs. Due Care

Due diligence speaks to an organization’s responsibility to protect anyone who may possibly be harmed by its members. Both due diligence and due care are important ethical commitments the nation has required businesses to make. They help protect people that may otherwise be harmed because they may not have been well informed or aware of actions deemed unacceptable.

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