3 Must Read Computer Security and Privacy Books for 2020

Computer security and privacy are and will always remain hot issues, especially when technology is progressing at the cyclic rate and there are those that try to invade and diminish security protocols. There are those that without provocation, maliciously try to steal and destroy our identities and other items of value. Cybercriminals, Hackers, Identity Thieves, are just a few of the people that are out there always looking for ways to do us harm. Millions of people fall victim to these cybercriminals everyday because they failed to take online precautions. The following three books, Computer Security Guide for Paranoids, by Edward Labarge; Computer Privacy Annoyances, by Dan Tynan; and The Computer Privacy Handbook, by Andre Bacard, all talk about ways in which ordinary people with little technical expertise can protect their identities, computers, and other online assets easily and with little cost.

  1. Computer Security Guide for Paranoids, by Edward Labarge is an easy-to-read handbook that outlines the most common online risks to ones privacy and provides simple, inexpensive measures to avoid them. The book covers ways to thwart hackers, identity thieves, and other cybercriminals. Some of the specific topics include Social Networking Sites, Encryption, Wireless Networking, and more. This book is great for all computer users novices to experts and a must for anyone who util
  2. Computer Privacy Annoyances, by Dan Tynan, talks about how people are thrown into the data stream the moment they are born as a result of obtaining a birth certificate and social security number. As the individual grows, so does the amount of information they have in the data stream as well as threats against their privacy. This book is based on interviews with privacy experts giving a first account of the threats against ones privacy. Great for all computer users from novice to experts.
  3. The Computer Privacy Handbook, by Andre Bacard, provides ways and examples on how to protect your privacy utilizing e-mail encryption, and data protection software. Great for individuals and business owners. Don’t jeopardize your personal or business assets; take precautions now to prevent cyber attacks.

This information is based on my own readings and experience.

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