How to Secure Your Computers at Work. Work Place Computer Security

In our age of digital information, it is very important to have a good plan for work place computer security. Threats to work place computer safety are mainly physical/external and technical/internal. These threats are harmful to single computers and networks, and compromised computer systems can prove costly to the firm and affect your privacy and legacy.

The physical computer security measures are meant to prevent physical hazards to the computer. Consider this the first line of defense. Computers can be stolen by strangers or thieves and imagine someone picking a laptop in a split second. In order to beef up work place security, secure your building. Include CCTV, security personnel that keep an eagle’s eye. Use pass codes, card scanners, finger print readers on doorway entrances to computer rooms. Always remember to close doors, lock windows, sign in visitors with I.D. and use common sense

Technical safety would include the use of safe, secure strong passwords as the first line of defense, and keep those passwords secure. Consult with the administrator to set appropriate computer and data restriction access depending on security clearance. Another plateau is associated with hackers, viruses and worms, so be sure to install up-to-date anti-virus programs like Mcfee or Symantec. There are many options out there. Keep your virus protection updated always.

Enforce a strict policy regarding downloads and p2p content and material. If you can avoid all downloads and make such a writable violation go for it. Consult with IT before making any downloads because some downloads will affect your firm and cost you money trying to clear up the mess. Lastly watch your email, do not download screensavers, or any odd-ons that come via email. It is wise to protect your computer at the work place because your job might be on the line.

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